Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Release of The Actuary's Wife

I just reread that title and it looks like poor Emma has been held against her will. She has. But fortunately only in my head.

My romance/mystery series, From Russia, With Love, is about a Russian family who moved to England in the 1990s at the end of the Cold War. Their lives took a sinister twist when widowed Alanya Andreyev dragged her two young boys into her marriage to a Lincolnshire vicar.

The Actuary picks up the story around 2014 when two of the stepchildren from that marriage are reunited after a six year separation, with interesting consequences. The series takes place in the sleepy town of Market Harborough involving a Russian actuary, an English vicar's daughter and a trouble-making Irishman.

The Actuary's Wife has been a labour of love and releases on 15th October. Why that date? It's my father's birthday and I tend to use release dates I can't forget, so Happy Birthday Dad and thanks for letting the Andreyevs share your day!

I love Emma's character and exorcise my sense of mischief writing her; she's plucky, impetuous and occasionally hilarious. But she's also deeply passionate, fiercely loyal, and there's a sense of unknown depths to her character, as yet unexplored. After a thoroughly rotten start in life, she's determined her own children will have a better go at life, inadvertently becoming the author of their problems as well as her own. She's great, I love her and I'm definitely not done with her yet.

For those who've done pre-order, thank you for having such faith in me. I can see the numbers racking up and it's cool. For those wishing to dip a toe in the water without too much commitment, The Actuary which is book 1, will be free from 15th to the 20th October.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on. I love to hear from readers  and find it really encouraging.

Free from 15th October on Amazon

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